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Arbitration and Conciliation

Business Security

Infrastructure Services

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Government Policies Services

Financial Services

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Training and Skill Upgradation

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HR Services

The LCCIA offers a wide range of introductory services to the members. These services can be avail at subsequent charges. For more details on charges, please speak to our dedicated team. The charges for the below services will be depending upon the nature of the assignment and requirements. The LCCIA reserves the right to accept or reject any assignment.

Assistance and Support Services

  • Business Advisory Services
  • Business & Trade Opportunities
  • Connectivity with Buyers, Manufacturers, and Suppliers
  • Procurement support and advice
  • Vendor Development and planning
  • Marketing and Distributorship in India
  • Identifying investors or business partners
  • Connectivity with new emerging business
  • Setting up manufacturing unit
  • Promote small scale business run by women
  • Train the new students to gain the business skills

Support & Assistance for Finance & Investment

  • Channelise Finance from Bank
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Import and Export
  • Term loans in local & foreign currency
  • Vendor Finance Facility