Leva Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture, we will accelerate the progress in all sectors for growth through cooperation, mutual efforts, knowledge based skills and modern technology.

The vision is to be the best and respectable community in the business.


  • To Strengthen the Entrepreneurship capabilities and take pioneering & innovating initiatives in Capability building
  • To Create Networking and enrich the platform for business owners
  • To adapt the business practices and promote Trade, Industry and agriculture sector in Maharashtra Nationally & Internationally
  • To be the leader in initiating Policy Direction for Development Commerce, Industry & Agriculture of the State and Country in General.
  • To interact with the authorities, conduct Lecture Series, seminars, Workshops & conferences.
  • Recognise the services of individuals and organisations for their contribution towards social and economic development in Maharashtra.


  • To work out the best possible solution for issues related to traders, industrialist and farmers and give the effective solution with the support and assistance from State Government.
  • To promote, develop and enhance Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Maharashtra and outside Maharashtra.
  • To establish relations with the business community and various Chambers of Commerce at State, National and International Level.
  • Integration of Entrepreneurs
  • Business and Export Growth
  • Implementation of Government Policies
  • Protect business interest of traders, industrialist and professionals.
  • International Business Co-operation
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Awards and Recognition